Since 1961, BOE-THERM has been developing, manufacturing and offering high quality industrial temperature controls.

We supply our temperature controls to major players in the automotive industry and other industries where reliability and longevity are required. It is therefore a matter of course that our product quality is always in focus. Every temperature control that leaves our factory in Assens undergoes a 100% final test to ensure that we keep what we promise and the customer will be satisfied with the product he has purchased. On delivery and many years ahead.

Just like our temperature controls produced in Denmark, so every refrigeration system undergoes a 100% test before leaving the factory. Only components from known suppliers are used which guarantee high quality and at the same time it is easy to service the plants, no matter where in the world the plant is located.

BOE-THERM has the customer in focus. We have a large range of standard heating and cooling products for all types of industrial applications. 
In addition, we have extensive experience in helping the customer find the right customer-specific solution. Contact us for a non-binding talk where we can help you with advice and guidance. Together we will find the right solution for your needs.