Whether in the injection moulding process, in thermoforming, for sheet products, in pressing or in extrusion – the costs for the tool usually make up a major part of the investment and have a significant influence on the profitability of your production. In most processes in the plastics industry, constant mould temperature control or zone temperature control play a key role. This is because they increase the quality of the product and ensure consistent dimensional accuracy. Your manufacturing processes also become more stable, which has a positive impact on the productivity of your systems.

Die casting

In the manufacture of die casting parts from aluminium, zinc and magnesium controlling the thermal processes in the mould is crucial when it comes to the efficiency of your processing. A stable heat balance and reduction of the peak temperature on the mould surface prevent premature damage to the mould, e.g. from tension cracks, and significantly increase its service life. And a high reject rate in die casting is usually down to inadequate die temperature control.


Hollow or double-walled rollers are used in the printing industry and for laminating as a finishing process. Achieving first-class results with these processes requires perfectly handled temperature control measures – which means high-performance and failure-free temperature-control units. Constant temperature control is also a vital factor for success in this industry. 

Pharmaceutical & Chemical

In the pharmaceutical & chemical industry, you’re tasked with the application-optimised temperature control of plant components, reactors, double-walled vessels, extruders and similarly complex facilities. These tasks are often solved with costly special designs such as steam systems. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our solutions for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry can be adapted to your specific area of application. Devices with explosion protection, compliance with exceptional control accuracies and fast temperature changes are included in our standard program.

Food & Beverage

In food and beverage production, you face similar challenges as in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Added to this are the properties of the food itself, such as the crystallization of chocolate. When it comes to these processes, temperature control determines the success or failure of your production. Having said that, you don’t necessarily have to resort to expensive special solutions. Our standard applications can be adapted to your production requirements, because functions such as exceptional control accuracy, reacting to immediately changing temperature gradients are built in as standard.

Fibre & Textiles

In the textile industry, fabric meshes are bonded to other materials using a roller application. Due to the many different textile fibres involved in this process, it calls for meticulous temperature control, as this is the only way the desired function of the textile laminate can be achieved through gluing or fusing. Our temperature-control units meet these requirements.