About us

Since 1961, BOE-THERM has developed and produced high quality temperature controllers for industrial purposes.

We supply some of the biggest players within the automotive industry with our temperature control units. The automotive industry requires reliability and a long no-trouble lifetime from the equipement that they choose to purchase. For the same reason we always have our focus on product quality. Every unit is 100% tested before it leaves our factory. This is how we ensure that our customers receive the product that they expect and will be satisfied with from the first day of operation and many years ahead.

Like our temperature control units – produced in Denmark – our chillers are 100% tested before leaving the factory. We only use components from well known suppliers which assures a high quality and easy serviceability all around the world.

At BOE-THERM, we always focus on our customers.
We have a large range of standard products within heating and cooling for a broad variety of industrial purposes.
On top of that we offer customized solutions within industrial heating and cooling.
Contact us to discuss how we can satisfy your needs. Together we will find a solution.