TEMP 350

BOE-THERM TEMP 350 is a high quality industrial oil temperature control up to 350 °C.
TEMP 350 is available with heat capacities from 6 up to 36 kW as standard.

TEMP 350 is built with a submerged pump into the oil reservoir and is designed without a mechanical shaft seal which ensures that pump leakage never occurs.

Furthermore, TEMP 350 can be supplied with many additional features and communication protocols for external machines.

Temp 350 is heavily insulated against thermal loss and the insulation of the tank is sealed against any oil overflow.

The low temperature in the expansion tank ensures an extended oil life.

The oil level in the tank is controlled electronically and in case of too low level the pump and the heating elements automatically cut out.

Standard features:

– Easy operation with digital display.
– Automatic restart.
– Temperature monitoring with alarm function.
– Electronic oil level censoring.
– High isolation against loss of heat.
– Up to 350 °C.
– Up to 66 l/min.
– Low noise.
– Pressureless operation.

Additional features:

– Mould drain.
– Vacuum during operation.
– External temperature sensor.
– Communication with external machines

Temp 350

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