MULTI-TEMP 95 & 120

The BOE-THERM MULTI-TEMP series delivers high quality industrial water temperature controls up to 95 °C or 120 °C.

The MULTI-TEMP units are available with heat capacities from 4.5 up to 36 kW as standard.

Furthermore, our MULTI-TEMP units can be supplied with many additional features and communication protocols for external machines.

MULTI-TEMP is equipped with a compact pump located outside the tank, which is effectively insulated against heat loss. The electronic control monitors the water level in the tank and automatic refills the tank.

Standard features:

– Easy operation with digital display.
– Automatic restart.
– Temperature monitoring with alarm function.
– Automatic water filling.
– Indirect and direct cooling.
– Up to 120 °C.
– Up to 115 l/min.
– Energy efficient pump.
– Low noise.

Additional features:

– Mould drain.
– Vacuum during operation.
– External temperature sensor.
– Flow measurement and monitoring.
– Communication with external machines.
– Pressure relief after stop.


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