Customised solutions

Customized temperature control

BOE-THERM offers a wide range of temperature control units up to 350°C and with heating capacities up to 36 kW.
We can supply our units with different pump sizes and with additional features depending on the customer needs.

Our standard product range however, does not cover all possible needs within industrial temperature and cooling.
Through the years we have build a large experience in design and build customer specific solutions outside our standard range of products.
Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us talk about how we can satisfy your specific needs for industrial temperature control and cooling.

Special custom desogn units may include:

– Special control features
– Larger (or smaller) pump sizes
– Larger heating capacities
– Mulitiple circuits
– Variable speed pumps
– Etc.

Let us talk about your specific needs.

Customized cooling

Our standard range of chillers covers cooling capacities up to 5o kW.
Larger cooling capacities are available on request.

As for the BOE-THERM temperature control units, let us talk about your specific needs for industrial cooling.
We will find a solution.