BOE-THERM CoolMaster: industrial chillers

Boe-Therm CoolMaster series is our range of high quality chillers for many industrial applications

– Food & beverage
– Plastic & rubber
– Chemical & Pharmaceutical
– Automotive
– Etc.

Due to the choice of high quality components and many years of manufacturing experience, our chillers guaranty a trouble free operation for many years to come.

The CoolMaster series is available with many different options that fulfill practically every cooling need thinkable.
A Boe-Therm Coolmaster chiller is built in a stainless steel casing that makes it perfect for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Throughout the years we have supplied our customers with CoolMaster chillers for many different applications with standard-, as well as with specifications that can withstand extreme harsh

Do not hesitate with your special request. Our engineers are ready to assist in finding solutions, even for the most challenging cooling requirements.


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