BOE-THERM DTE 37,4 – 50,5 KW

BOE-THERM DTE 1,0 – 50,5 KW includes the following components:

– Tube-coil heat exchanger (evaporator) made of stainless steel.
– Digital temperature controller with adjustable limitation and display for reading out measured values.
– A pressure limited thermostatic expansion valve, (except. K-001.0 en de K-001.7 capillaire injection)
– An industrial multi-stage centrifugal pump with impellers, shaft and other key components made of stainless steel,
– By-pass for water pump protection.
– Hermetically sealed and suction gas cooled compressor.
– An air-cooled condenser specially designed by DTE, fitted with copper pipes and aluminium fins.
– An industrial axial fan which directly blows the hot condenser air horizontally to outside.
– A closed water tank make of stainless steel, which also has been provided with insulation, a float for automatically refilling, manual filling device, and sight glass.
– A switch box provided with all necessary protections.
– Connection for external start/stop (Volts-Free Contact).
– All connections on the back of the machine, no hoses or cables are visual

On top of BOE-THERM DTE standard program of chillers, we also offer “custom design” solutions for industrial cooling, build to satisfy our customers specific needs.


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