About our temperature control units

BOE-THERM offers standard temperature control units with water or oil as heat transfer medium.

Water temperature control units:
TEMP 95S – from 10°C to 95°C
TEMP 95 ECO – from 10°C to 95°C
MULTI-TEMP 95 – from 10°C to 95°C
MULTI-TEMP 120 – from 10°C to 120°C
TEMP 160 MAGNETIC – from 10°C to 160°C

Oil temperature control units:
TEMP 150 – from 30°C to 150°C
TEMP 300 – from 30°C to 300°C
TEMP 250 – from 30°C to 350°C

Our standard temperature control units are available with heat ing capacities up to 36 kW.
Larger heating capacities are available on request.
All water based units can be supplied with direct or indirect cooling and various cooling capacities.
Oil based units are supplied with indirect cooling.
Depending on your need, our units are available with different pump sizes.

In order to ensure a satisfying operation it is important to choose a unit with the right heating capacity, cooling capacity and pump size. Find more information about the technical specifications on the data sheet  of each model.

Standard features on most of our temperature control units:

– Easy operation with digital display
– Automatic restart
– Monitoring of temperature with alarm function
– Automatic water filling (water based units)
– Indirect or direct cooling (water based units)
– Indirect cooling (oil based units)

Aditional features (optional):

– Mould drain
– Vacuum during operation
– External temperature sensor
– Flow measurement and monitoring
– Pressure relief after stop
– Communication with external machines
– Remote monitoring

Temperature control units