About our chillers

BOE-THERM has developed and produced industrial cooling equipment for many years.
Since 2014, our chillers and other cooling equipment are produced in The Netherlands by DTE (Dutch Thermal Engineering).

Like our temperature control units, every single chiller is 100% tested before it leaves our factory. We only use components from well known suppliers which assures a high quality and easy serviceability all around the world.

Our product range of standard chillers covers cooling capacities up to 50 kW.
We offer customized cooling solutions up to 2.000 kW.

BOE-THERM DTE 1,0 – 50,5 KW includes the following components:

– Tube-coil heat exchanger (evaporator) made of stainless steel.
– Digital temperature controller with adjustable limitation and display for reading out measured values.
– A pressure limited thermostatic expansion valve, (except. K-001.0 en de K-001.7 capillaire injection)
– An industrial multi-stage centrifugal pump with impellers, shaft and other key components made of stainless steel,
– By-pass for water pump protection.
– Hermetically sealed and suction gas cooled compressor.
– An air-cooled condenser specially designed by DTE, fitted with copper pipes and aluminium fins.
– An industrial axial fan which directly blows the hot condenser air horizontally to outside.
– A closed water tank make of stainless steel, which also has been provided with insulation, a float for automatically refilling, manual filling device, and sight glass.
– A switch box provided with all necessary protections.
– Connection for external start/stop (Volts-Free Contact).
– All connections on the back of the machine, no hoses or cables are visual